How despicable is Chuka Umunna?

In the latest example of a member of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP) demonstrating absolute contempt for ordinary members, Chuka Umunna described us as “dogs”.

Joan Ryan , MP for Enfield North and chair of Labour Friends of Israel,  this week suffered a vote of no confidence which she ascribed to “Trots, Stalinists, Communists and assorted hard-left“.

Let us be under no illusions about Labour being a ‘broad church’ and using this as some sort of excuse for what Clive Lewis referred to as a scorched earth policy being conducted by elements of the PLP.

We have as leader of the Labour Party a man who has inspired millions of British people, who has transformed the fortunes (literally!) of the Labour Party and offered hope to a country being devastated by the Conservative government and it’s criminally insane practices and policies.

We had to elect him twice owing to the attempt by the PLP to blame Jeremy Corbyn for the outcome of the EU referendum. The infamous ‘Chicken Coup‘ was doubtless prepared well in advance in order to seize the opportunity of the shock result and was carried out out in a way intended to inflict maximum damage on Corbyn’s leadership.

And so it has rolled on, with the opponents of Corbyn within the PLP seemingly on speed dial to the media – constantly seeking air time and column inches to run the leader down. Three years this has gone on.

Corbyn and McDonnell have repeatedly offered the olive branch to the PLP agitators (as they have with ‘leaders’ of the Jewish community of Britain) – repeatedly it has been thrown back in their faces.

Getting back to Chuka – who seems to be preparing for an exit from the party to pursue his centrist dream. His briefings to the press have ranged from Brexit to anti-semitism, but have always carried the same tone. He seems to have missed quite a few things in his attempts to undermine Corbyn.

  • Enormous popular support for the policies enshrined in the 2017 manifesto
  • An increase in membership which means that Labour is now the largest left wing party in Europe
  • The party is now solvent after the disastrous tail end of the Blair era which left us £25million pounds in debt
  • Labour only failed to clinch the 2017 GE by something like 220,000 votes – a margin which would have been achieved no doubt without the machinations of the right wing of the party
  • Based on the voting intentions of 18-24 year olds, if a GE were held tomorrow, Labour would have 600 seats, Tories 0. Labour is clearly the party of the future, thanks to Corbyn’s inspired leadership.

Thankfully, Labour is considering changes to party rules which will make it easier for us to remove those MPs who seem to have little to no interest in democracy. I, for one, cannot wait.

Who let the dogs out?

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